24th January 2022

Washington D.C, USA

I haven't driven here yet. I'm not sure when I will, but I know it won't be for the first time in the city and definitely not on the interstate (highway).

In D.C there are no road rules... well, there are but no one seems to follow/abide/recognise that there are any. Lanes are optional as are indicators, turning lanes, and rules of the road. Did you get the picture? We've seen cars turn right from the inside lane of four lanes, drive through red lights after stopping (and no they weren't turning right) and drive with their mobile phone in one hand and a drink in the other allllll over the road. Not a Tesla.

Those who know me know I get anxious at the best of times but my poor adrenal system goes into meltdown in busy traffic. I think I'm learning all the wrong road rules and I'm not sure how the hell I'm meant to drive in these conditions. Add in black ice and snow, it's a whole other level. Our Uber on the third day of being here slid down and somehow around a corner whilst honking his horn and we avoided all accidents and death- we were just trying to get to the shops for food.

So to placate me whilst we are on the road, I taught the kids the age-old game of punch buggy (VW Beetle) and Pinch Mini (Mini Cooper). With our kids, we have to be VERY clear with the rules and ensure no one tries to make up new rules to suit their desires.

Here are our rules as of today-

You may only say pinch or punch if you can visually see the car and point it out

You may not pinch or punch if you didn't see it or it's past the car.

You must say "pinch mini no returns" or you can be pinched back.

No playing on a Sunday (we needed to have a clear day off)

No playing if everyone agrees they don't want to participate

We have to stop if the driver says 'enough' but you can count them instead

The game is simple and mostly fun... What we didn't realise is just how many minis drive around DC. Coming home the other day, there were over 50 that we saw in a 20minute window. Our car was a hive of action and yelling. There were pinchy fingers launching toward any arm they could reach and a riot of laughter. I think Bear was happy that he had his puffy coat on whilst driving. That was until I saw a red punch buggy and jovially whacked his arm... His face was priceless.

He was joking he would go to work with a sore arm and have to say it was from playing the game.

WE canceled the game for the next couple of days but little man has decided that Hug mini's might be a better alternative to the game.