Morning of day 38...

There seems to be little sign of intelligent life...

We have found our home base and have done minimal exploration outside of the area, only heading out to hunt for food and mischief. The three young adventurers have been getting cabin fever regularly and with the bitter climate outside we finally had interweb communications connected. The home base has had many issues and the local management don't seem to have a brain cell to rub together, switching on the dryer with the door open to see if any heat was generating was a particular wtf moment for us, along with a dishwasher flooding the kitchen where he's decided to change the tilt on the machine to alter water levels... this leads to further flooding of the said kitchen. So far the base has blown up a washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. We currently have a washing machine in working order.

Not much makes sense here and again, I'm not sure it is going to.

We had a brief run-in with some intelligent life yesterday finding a Brit and a Kiwi who are here on adventures like ours. As we sat and compared notes the reality of 'it's not just us feeling this way' kicked in and relief ensued. We hope to spend more time in that community soon. Some fellow adventurers from Australia arrived a few weeks ago and have found finding their base as difficult as we did. Things move at such a rapid pace that if you blink, someone will have moved into said base before you blink.

On our first night in the home base, we had to call the local constabulary to come. A local alien pulled up out the front and sat in their car for over an hour. Not moving in or out of their rocket ship, just weirdly sitting in our quiet backwater. Upon communicating with the constabulary we were advised to stay inside and not engage them as it had been going on for a few nights along with different parts of our area. Within 3 minutes the constabulary arrived but the rocket had moved along minutes beforehand. It is deemed that said rocket ship can hear radio communications and left before being caught.

There are zero signs of educational adjustments for our mini adventurers. After sending books filled with communications to enroll we were told this application can take up to two weeks for any reply. They must have slow readers in their pods. Following on from applications, there are county interviews before even being able to look at any education. We have been forced to teach the critters at home until an established plan comes to light.

We heard from Earth about our intergalactic shipment yesterday. As you know it's been stuck on Earth since before Christmas and has yet to relocate to us. Apparently, it's been lined up for rocket freight twice to have the air transport bump it off again. This morning's communication read 16/2... anyone like to take bets on when it will actually leave?

Missing you all,

much love and cookie dough