Hi! I am Jules.

I love making superheros & legends.

I love to capture people’s imaginations and turn them into amazing artworks by enhancing an creating images beyond your wildest dreams. These gorgeous, unique, and personal keepsakes will be treasured by you and your family for years to come

Fantasy portraiture brings a great deal of magic and excitement to your traditional portrait and is an art which sparks imagination, creativity and emotions in our clients. Fantasy Portraits are handcrafted by myself with many of the backgrounds made from a series of images carefully crafted together to form one unique image.

I believe all portraits should be relaxed, fun-filled, and all about capturing you, your relationships and your story. Your images should hold empathy, emotion, and essence of its subject.

Everyone deserves to be their own super hero.

"She has an amazing way of making even the most camera shy person feel relaxed in front of the camera.
The results are so beautiful!"

—Beck - past client