Dear Fashion World,

As a fairly new plus sizer in this modern world, I am truly understanding what 'all the fuss' is about for plus-sized women trying to get anything at a store.

I have fought my weight my entire life and I've always been too big, too small, too thin, too fat, too tall too every possible thing to so many different people. Even when I was an elite athlete, I was still called 'too fat' and told to lose 10kgs by my coach at the time. I have been essentially bullied about how I look forever and it wasn't until I started finding my own role models later in life like Mia Kang and P!nk who speak out about inclusivity and being YOU.

Confidence is an inside job but labeling people definitely has been an outside job. When I did speak up for myself I was often told "Don't tease her she'll become anorexic" to a chorus of laughter. It has taken my brother and I years of work with each other to draw a line in that sand and support one another rather than tease each other about it.

Why am I on my soap box today? Because being a thirty-something woman looking for a formal gown in this day and age SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT! Rack sizes are 0,2,4,6 &8 for the most part but you know what? Standard sizing of women starts at 14 and that does not make us PLUS. It gives us shape, yes. It changes 'standard' pattern sizes, yes... but it does not mean that we suddenly must cover up our bodies or wear clothing that our grandmothers would wear to a wedding at 90 years old! For fucks sake people!

Lose weight? Easy fix right, but battling years of yoyo dieting and excessive exercise has made for retarded cortisol levels and big mental and general health issues. I'm a work in progress and will be for some time. I just want to find a gown that I'll feel sexy in. Not a sack with no shape. Not covering everything under my neckline, no waistcoats or jackets... I want what she's having... The gorgeous shapes of the 8's and 10's and their materials!!! Why can't I wear sequins that arent in black or navy blue? What if I wanted to stand out and not slink into the background?

For Pete's sake (whoever Pete is) help a woman out!

What are your favourite online or in-person gown stores?

This curvy girl needs a hot dress for May.