The Fantasy Magazine

The Fantasy Magazine is a fresh and innovative publication that seeks to inspire creators of all ages. It is a visually captivating magazine that focuses on the arts, culture, and writing, setting itself apart from other publications through its collaborative approach in featuring a diverse array of established and emerging creatives from various industries.

Positioned as a coffee table magazine, The Fantasy Magazine showcases editorial contributions from independent photographers, writers, creatives, makers, and industry experts. What started as a humble endeavor to showcase Julie’s own creative business has blossomed into a stunning boutique publication, available in print and online, that has garnered acclaim from readers around the globe.

The Fantasy Magazine leaves no creative industry unexplored in its quest for new talents and inspirations. From textiles and arts to creative writing, technology, models, and the film industry, the magazine covers a wide range of creative fields. With its contemporary and visually captivating approach, The Fantasy Magazine offers a fresh take on traditional publications, delivering an aesthetically pleasing experience to its readers.


The FANTASY Magazine is giving the next generation of creatives the space to be published!
Do you love to take photos? Love to write stories or poetry? Do you love to draw?
To enter your submissions please email them to
and use 'FANTASY Magazine Submission' as your subject line.
I can't wait to see what you love to do!
Would you like to grab a copy of the Magazine? You can get them as an e-magazine, or a hard copy. Collectors' editions are available as preorders prior to each season's release.
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