Why do we print?

In a day and age where digital is the most common place to hold our memories, here at JCC we prefer prints because having a tangible, beautifully printed images means that memory can be revisited multiple times a day, not just when you’re scrolling memories on your phone or socials.

The right piece, when created for you with your home in mind, will brighten any room you wish to display.

Great pieces are often kept throughout your childrens' lives and shared and passed down to the next generation. They are treasured memories of different times and where children's portraiture really comes into it's own is seeing how little they once were compared to how they have grown on any future given day.

Working with our modern portrait studio means we are here to work with you to create art for your home and family. We absolutely LOVE what we do and consider it such an honor to be chosen by our JCC families.

Portraits are our favourite subject and our goal is to create art for you that will last for generations.

One of the best ways to see if we are the right fit for your family is to come and have a complimentary visit with us. We are open weekdays by appointment and can arrange you to come in at any time that’s convenient for you.