The Author - Photoshop Manipulation

The process of how I made a beautiful photo manipulation scene in Photoshop CC 2021

The Author

This concept was generated in my mind, over a year before I was able to photograph it.

I knew the age range I wanted to create with and the image was clear as day in my head, so why did it take so long to create?

The main reason was that I wasn't ready skill-wise to edit the final image to the standard in my mind. The lockdown of Covid in 2021, gave me a chance to catch up on work, and it gave me a few extra minutes a day to learn. I don't always sleep a lot and tend to be an exceptional night owl making the space when the kids went to bed and my bedtime the BEST time to learn. I found the more I was learning and being taught ways to make my own backgrounds that had the look and feel of the realism I was craving, the more I became ready to photograph the author. I had ordered kids braces and a little reporter cap which had also taken months to arrive, the rest was going to be coordinating a time to work with my model and having his mums' permission to make it.

The actual shoot took us minutes to capture, editing took me a few hours and it ended up turning out better than I had envisaged in my mind.

It became one of my favourite images from 2021.

Notes from Jules:

I work daily on improving my editing skills and I'm constantly learning new techniques to then pass along to my clients. This piece captured my imagination and was one I waited almost a year before being able to create it. I ordered props for the shoot and had the client in mind to work with. Utilising both stock and photographed elements this one turned out exceptionally.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC.

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Stock Credits:

Model - Fantasy Club member of Julie Clyde Creative

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