Did you know, that even if you don't live near Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia you CAN have a fantasy portrait created for your children and loved ones!

How exciting is that! Thanks to COVID-19, I was forced to pivot the business and rethink where I was able to create from and how that looked. It was a little bit of a challenge to begin with, but after creating this really helpful little graphic (below) I found that I was able to reach people from all corners of the globe. We created for people from all countries which made isolation almost non existent and a LOT more enjoyable!

'After creating for some families nationally in Australia, I was invited down to Young, NSW for a Fantasy weekend with their beautiful township.'

This is definitely something I am open to doing so if you're interested in me venturing your way, let me know!

What are your tips for sending you the best images to use?

First of all, get in touch so I can help you plan the best ways to capture the images needed. I have a few little tips and tricks to make life SO much easier and avoid the cheese smile.

'Flat' lighting like shade or inside your garage with the door open makes for near perfect lighting. It's best to avoid any harsh shadows or bight lighting as it's far easier for me to add it than take it away.

Always photograph on a flat, hard surface and try to avoid grass.

Get down to your kids eye level or slightly above- this will depend on their picture we are creating for them so please touch base with Jules beforehand.

Most of all! It doesn't always matter if the kids are looking or not! I know, how magic is that!!!!